We Always Welcome New Patients of All Ages

Our Pediatric Dentistry Philosophy
It’s About the Experience

Our philosophy is to create an experience for your child which makes them feel safe and comfortable. Our mission is to make every child’s visit a great experience and not to force them beyond their capabilities and comfort zone. This is of critical importance in developing a lifetime of worry- free dental visits for your child. We make dental visits fun and treat our pediatric patients with kindness and respect. They enjoy coming to see us and we are very proud of that. Parent’s trust us and we are equally proud of that. We will answer all your questions and you can expect to be heard and not judged.

What to expect at their first dental exam depends on your child’s age. Don’t be discouraged if your child’s visit doesn’t go as expected because every child is different. Their capabilities to cooperate change rapidly as they mature, so we are always optimistic about their next dental exam in six months. We usually see remarkable strides.

What we typically see as our pediatric patients mature:
1-2 year olds
They can often sit in their parent’s lap and open their mouths for at least a quick visual exam.
2-3 year olds
They are sometimes mature enough to sit independently in the dental chair and “take a ride”. Sometimes we are able to use a dental instrument (fondly known as a “tooth tickler”) to examine their teeth more closely.
3-4 year olds
They can often cooperate enough for a dental cleaning (prophylaxis).
4-5 year olds
We can sometimes apply a topical fluoride varnish.
6 years old and up
They are often able to manage taking a set of Xrays.

** Dr. Miller will advise taking Xrays sooner if the visual exam warrants a closer look or if the patient is experiencing pain.